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BOWTIE Mary Poppins umbrella necklace with parrot handle

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Bowtie Mary Poppins umbrella necklace with parrot handle.


Mary Poppins was so influential in our childhoods that today we still re-watch the movie almost every Sunday and on days where nostalgia is required.

We took our ever popular umbrella design and revamped it to include one of our favourite characters in the movie, the Toucan.

We stylised him to make our own and then created a singular piece that can be worn both ways on the brooch.

We also make a brooch version and because of it's size we can certainly call it a statement piece.

This is because of the gorgeous colours of mirrored acrylic we use and the unique etched details on him.

Comes with either an anodised high quality 60cm black chain or a stainless steel 35mm high-quality brooch pin. 

This necklace measures 90 x 90mm x 20mm deep. 

It has become a hugely popular piece already, a classic in the making!


More pictures to follow!